Participative approach is crucial to G-STIC success

To maximize the impact of the G-STIC conference results, the degree of support from participants for key findings and conclusions is vital. That's why we enriched the conference program with participative ingredients, ensuring that everybody is involved in the fine-tuning of results.

A team of facilitators will support conference participants throughout each of the thematic sessions. And a call will be launched for engaged participants who want to take part in the late afternoon participatory session on Tuesday, preparing key findings and conclusions to be presented in the plenary closing session on Wednesday morning.

You can make the difference

Our unique participative approach will empower all conference participants to contribute to the G-STIC 2017 conference results. That confirms our ambition for the G-STIC conferences to be a genuinely participative process that impacts the achievement of the SDGs.

G-STIC is the place where you can make the difference - creating win-wins that are good for the planet, for the people and the economy.