G-STIC 2017

Connecting Technological Innovation to Decision Making for Sustainability

Work with SDG stakeholders from all over the world

The integrated technological solutions targeted by G-STIC need the attention and efforts of the entire community of SDG stakeholders, whether they come from the private sector, technological research institutes, socioeconomic organizations, governments or intergovernmental organisations.

G-STIC 2017 presents a golden opportunity to take part in a one-of-a-kind conference of SDG stakeholders and work together to discover new integrated tech routes to reach the SDGs. Its interactive thematic sessions invite you to jointly explore win-win solutions for local, regional and national problems using state-of-the-art and market-ready technologies.

Enrich your network with high-level contacts

G-STIC 2017 offers a unique chance for high-level interaction with industry delegates, technology researchers, socio-economic actors and policy makers. In addition to numerous technology researchers and experts from the private sector, G-STIC 2017 expects to welcome

  • over 15 heads of state and secretaries of state,
  • over 40 ambassadors,
  • 4 heads of UN agencies and various UN representatives,
  • members of UN expert groups dealing with technology and the SDGs,
  • over 20 CEO’s from leading technology companies. 

For example, G-STIC 2017 is very proud to welcome

Mr. Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO will deliver a keynote during the Plenary Opening Session on October 23

Prof. Nkandu Phoebe Luo, Minister of Higher Education of the republic of Zambia

Mr. Alain Bernard, CEO of the DEME Group, will join the plenary CEO Panel Oceans on October 24