Creating value from CO2 emissions

A Topical Session @ G-STIC 2017

Creating value from CO2 emissions

Among the range of solutions required to address the climate change challenge, the conversion of CO2 emissions into valuable products is a highly promising one. But which technologies have already reached (pre)commercial scale? How much CO2 do they really convert? What do the economics look like? Which are the main challenges for their implementation?

These and other questions will be addressed at the G-STIC conference in a dedicated CO2 topical session, scheduled on Monday October 23rd from 1 till 5 pm.

A series of eminent speakers will showcase technologies converting gaseous carbon emissions into fuels, chemicals and (construction) materials.

What’s in it for you

G-STIC 2017 offers a unique chance for high-level interaction with industry delegates, technology researchers, socio-economic actors and policy makers. The topical session CO2 as a resource features the following renowned speakers:

  • Sophie Wilmet, CEFIC- Policies and regulations regarding CO2 valorisation
  • Louis Fradette, CO2 Solutions - Valorization Carbon Québec – a unique demonstration site for CO2 reuse
  • Dirk Van Mechelen, Orbix - Carbstone process: A proven technology to sequester CO2 in high quality construction materials
  • Brent Constantz, Blue Planet - Utilization of CO2 for limestone aggregate
  • Nils Aldag, sunfire - Sector integration - a European approach to overcome dependencies on fossil resources
  • Benedikt Stefánsson, Carbon Recycling International - Powering mobility with renewable fuel from CO2 and electricity
  • Christophe Mihalcea, LanzaTech - Carbon capture and reuse, gas fermentation for carbon valorization
  • Willy Verstraete, Avecom, Chairman FWO - Two surprising biotech routes for CO2 upgrading
  • Achim Raschka, nova-Institut - CO2 as feedstock for fuels, chemicals and polymers