G-STIC 2017

Connecting Technological Innovation to Decision Making for Sustainability

Contribute to realising a sustainable future

G-STIC 2017 is entirely focused on integrated technological solutions to achieve the SDGs. These solutions need the attention and efforts of all: the private sector, technological research institutes, socio-economic organisations, governments and intergovernmental organizations.

G-STIC 2017 therefore brings these stakeholders together to discuss on how to create win-win solutions for local, regional and national problems using existing, emerging and disruptive technologies. That will provide you with insights into how the core competence of your organisation can contribute to realising a more sustainable future.

Join a global innovation community, discover new opportunities

To maximise the impact on the achievement of the SDGs, G-STIC 2017 activities are structured in 8 thematic clusters and 4 cross-cutting themes. Each thematic area is focused on market ready technological solutions that substantively contribute to less carbon and resource-intensive economies.

Participation in G-STIC’s interactive thematic sessions presents a unique chance to discover new opportunities for technologies that can fast-forward achievement of the SDGs.

Among the many renowned experts that will inspire the thematic sessions, G-STIC 2017 is proud to welcome these keynote speakers

Mr. Daniel Philipp, Managing Director MicroEnergy International, Chairman ME SOLshare.

Mrs. Joyce Gema, CEO Boma Safi.

Mr. Carlos Campos, COO Suez Environment.