Tingting Mei

Tingting Mei

Postdoc researcher

Zhejiang A&F University


Tingting Mei is a Postdoc in Zhejiang A&F University in Hangzhou, China. She has been working on bamboo water use in China and Indonesia since 2009. She got her doctorate at Goettingen University in Germany in 2017. During her Ph.D study, she improved sap flow techniques on bamboos for precisely measuring bamboo water use. With modified techniques, she successfully investigated water use characteristics of mature bamboo and freshly sprouted bamboo, as well as water circulation within and between bamboo individuals. Her study contributes to better understanding the “explosive growth” of bamboo and bamboo silviculture. She is now interested in addressing eco-physiological questions on individual bamboos and bamboo stand/forest. On individual level, carbon and water cycling within and among bamboo culms are the most focused topics in her studies. On stand level, with emphasizing on carbon sink, competition, and biodiversity, she aims to explore the sustainable management of bamboo forests.

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