Susanne Nies

Susanne Nies

Corporate Affairs Manager

European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E)


Susanne Nies is a European energy policy and regulatory affairs expert, focussing in particular on electricity and the power sector in Europe.

She is Corporate Affairs Manager with ENTSOE, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, fulfilling legal tasks. She is overseeing energy policy and corporate strategy, stakeholder relations and communication. Previously she was working for EURELECTRIC as respectively Head of Unit Distribution System, and Energy Policy and Power Generation.

German national by origin she holds a PhD and a habilitation from Bonn University, Berlin Free University, as well as Sciences Po Paris, in Political Sciences, as well as an economics degree from London School of Economics. Until 2008 she was heading the French Institute for International Relations Brussels branch and was affiliated as a senior researcher to the energy programme of the institute, focussing in particular on gas and oil. She has a long track of academic publication, affiliation to research and lecturing, as well as consulting.

She is teaching at Cologne University/ EWI Summer Classes on Energy policy and Energy Economics. 
Before focussing on energy policy she worked extensively on transition economies in Eastern Europe, international conflict and social policies.

Specialties: Regulatory affairs, Academics, Consultancy, Energy Policy, International Relations, Enclaves in international relations, Eastern Europe, Russia

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