Surendra Shrestha

Surendra Shrestha

Vice President for Development

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


An AIT alumnus, Mr. Shrestha completed his MSc. in Computer Applications (1979-80). Prior to joining AIT, he was serving as Director of United Nations Environment Programme’s International Environmental Technology Centre (UNEP IETC). He also delivered the distinguished alumni address on the occasion of AIT's 120th Graduation.

Mr. Shrestha has served in management capacities in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America in the United Nations. As the UNEP Director for Strategic Resource Mobilization over a two-year period, his office contributed to the move to a structured annual dialogue with key donor, leading to doubling of the financial resources from about $ 220 million to $ 510 million.

In addition, Mr. Shrestha provided intellectual leadership for the establishment of Atmospheric Brown Cloud bringing together 35 institutions and 250 scientists. He also provided institutional leadership for: the establishment/revitalization and growth of ICIMOD in Nepal; RRC.AP at AIT, Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development in Shanghai; Eco-Peace Leadership Centre in Korea; Strategic Planning and Resource Mobilization at UNEP HQ; and IETC in Osaka, Japan.

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