Sippora Zoutewelle

Sippora Zoutewelle

Dutch Bollywood actress / Student


Sippora Zoutewelle, Dutch actress in Indian TV-serials and student Sustainability Management and Innovation at the VU University Amsterdam. 

Started her modeling and acting career in Mumbai, India, six years ago and is pursuing her studies alongside. She studied aerospace engineering in Delft for a short period; Wubbo Ockels was her professor for the course Sustainable Development at the time. He sent across a very clear message about not having a spare planet to live on and triggered her to look at the world from a different perspective. Her interest in sustainability has been growing ever since.

What she finds particularly interesting, is combining business and sustainability. Especially for countries such as India, where sustainability is not always a priority on the local political agenda, she is convinced that multinationals have a big role to play in the transition towards sustainable development and strongly believes that economic growth and a green world can go hand-in-hand.

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