Sandra Piesik

Sandra Piesik

Director, Architect

3 ideas Ltd


Dr Sandra Piesik is an architect and a researcher specialising in technology development and transfer. She has worked extensively in the Middle East and Africa on projects that aimed to reconnect traditional knowledge systems with the best available science.

Her work led to successful research, development and deployment pilots on adaptation of date palm leaf architecture into modern use, which resulted in award-winning projects endorsed by the UNCCD and UNFCCC.


Dr Piesik is the author of Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture, published by Thames & Hudson and a general editor of Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet, a once-in-a-generation large format publication, that gathers together an international team of more than one hundred leading experts across a diverse range of disciplines to examine vernacular architecture in the context of climate zones, ecosystems, renewable resources, cities and livelihoods.

  Creator of several multidisciplinary research groups and consortia, actively engaged in the global climate change action initiated by the UNFCCC Technology Mechanisms. Founder of Habitat Coalition and a director of 3 ides Ltd. As co-creator of the Urban and Rural Resilience Programme for desert regions, she participated in the COP22 UN Climate Change, Marrakech.

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