Reem Al-Mansoori

Reem Al-Mansoori

Assistant Undersecretary, Digital Society Development Sector

Ministry of Transport & Communications, Qatar


Ms Al Mansoori has 18+ years of experience leading programs that drive Qatar's digital transformation towards a smart future. At the Ministry she heads two major departments, Digital Society and Digital Industry Development. As head of Digital Society, Ms Al Mansoori is responsible for inspiring and supporting the Qatari society and businesses to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to use ICT effectively and safely in order to participate fully in building Qatar’s information-based economy. As head of Digital Industry Development, she is engaging with Qatar’s national digital ecosystem and building a vibrant ICT sector to support a smart Qatar through innovation, leveraging local and global digital capabilities and promoting key investment opportunities with innovation partners across the world to bring the best practices and ideas to Qatar. Ms Al Mansoori is a Master of Science in Computational Intelligence from the University of Plymouth, UK, and an Executive MBA from HEC Paris, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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