Rajeev Ram

Rajeev Ram


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Rajeev J. Ram is Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served as a Program Director at the newly founded Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy within the US Department of Energy from 2010 to 2012. At ARPA-e, he managed a research portfolio encompassing renewables integration (part of the SunShot initiative), energy-efficiency (ADEPT), and next-generation electrical grid infrastructure (GENI). He has consulted with the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the White House.

His group at MIT has worked on energy-efficient interconnects for microprocessors and data centers as well as record-efficient LEDs. His group’s work on small-scale solar thermoelectric generation for rural electrification (SolSource) was recognized with the St. Andrews Prize for Energy and the Environment. From 2013 to 2016, he was Principal Investigator at the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design developing decentralized microgrids for electricity sharing (uLink). He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

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