Peter Bauer-Gottwein

Peter Bauer-Gottwein


Danish Technical University (DTU) Environment


Peter Bauer-Gottwein (*1974) is professor in hydrology and water resources management at DTU Environment. He was educated at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Research focus areas are hydrological modelling, hydrogeophysics, earth observation for inland water applications and hydroeconomic modelling. Scientific highlights include ground-breaking work on the integration of time-lapse gravity observations with hydrological models; Exploration and modelling of the world’s largest karstic groundwater aquifer on the Yucatán Peninsula, México; Assimilation of satellite radar altimetry observations to hydrologic forecasting systems; Integration of water and power system models for joint resource management. He has significant international experience, including Southern Africa, Mexico, China, Central Asia. He has authored 70+ scientific articles in international journals indexed in ISI Web of Sciences and 4 book chapters.

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