Paul Campling

Paul Campling

Business Development Manager



Dr. Paul Campling is a hydrologist, specialised in the domain of land and water management and policy assessment. He is currently a Business Development Manager at VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) to coordinate the acquisition and management of European environmental projects. Previously he worked as a Project Manager at the European Environment Agency (Copenhagen) coordinating the IRENA project to develop and report on agri-environmental indicators for the European Union. He also spent 5 years in Nigeria working on a research project concerned with water resources development, for which he completed his PhD. In the last 20 years he has managed a number of environmental projects addressing different environmental concerns for the European Space Agency (flood monitoring), DG Eurostat (landscape indicators), the Joint Research Centre (permanent grasslands, nitrogen balances), and DG ENV (cost benefit analysis of the Water Framework Directive, alternative water supplies, market-based instruments for reducing air pollution – Lot 2, soil organic matter – best practices and tradeoffs). Paul is an expert in European environmental policy.

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