Patrick Mercier-Handisyde

Patrick Mercier-Handisyde

Principal Administrator

European Commission


Patrick Mercier-Handisyde graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Compiègne University of Technology (UTC). He has a further degree at the French National Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN) and attained an MSc from Cranfield University.

In 1985 he started his career at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) where he was initially responsible for engineering and development projects. He then acted as co-ordinator of R&D transport projects at French and European level. He also participated in the launch of PREDIT II (French national programme on land transport research).

In 1997, he joined the European Commission where he first worked at Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, with responsibilities for freight and logistics research. He moved to Directorate General Research (now DG Research & Innovation) in 2001 where he has worked in the Road Transport Sector. Since 1st January 2006, he has been responsible of the Urban Transport Sector, also following international cooperation and ITS activities for the Directorate General Research & Innovation.

He is also the representative of DG Research & Innovation in the organisation of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conferences.

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