Oliver Lah

Oliver Lah

Head of Research Unit Mobility and International Cooperation

Wuppertal Institute


Oliver Lah is heading up the Mobility and International Cooperation Unit at the Wuppertal Institute and focuses on governance, climate change mitigation policy analysis and sustainable urban development. Oliver is active in a number of projects focusing on sustainable development and climate action in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and leads the urban mobility SOLUTIONS network and the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI). Oliver worked with international organisations, such as the OECD/ITF, UN-Habitat, UNEP and GIZ on urban mobility issues. He was a Lead Author for the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report and was a member of the Habitat III Policy Unit on Urban Services and Technology. He teaches at the universities of Hagen and Rotterdam and coordinates the non-profit Climate Action Implementation Facility, which works on capacity building and provides project implementation support. Prior to that Oliver worked for the New Zealand government, the University of Munich and the Minister of State to the German Federal Chancellor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science, and a Master of Environmental Studies from Victoria University of Wellington.

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