Marcin Kulik

Marcin Kulik




Marcin Kulik, together with Steve Cassidy co-founded SmartTrace, business passionate about delivery of technology supported environment for Circular Economy. SmartTrace core is to re-define boundries, working with clients who are innovators, visionaires to design a new circular future. A futrure where “Zero to Landfill” is just a starting point on the journey to deliver targets beyond expectations and compliance... and make money in the process.

Education & awards:

  • BsC (Hons) IT Systems in Management, (Artificial Intelligence Expertise Systems), Szczecin, Poland
  • Business Model Innovation, Cambridge, UK
  • Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur 2016 (Fingal)
  • Outstanding Polish Businessman of the Year 2017
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Marcin’s ventures have won a number of awards including Silver Award winner in Dell Internet of Things Awards, Life Plus Best Project 2015 Award, Sustainable Start-up of the Year 2017 – Bank Of ireland Startup Awards.

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