Leen Osterloh

Leen Osterloh


Tomra Sorting Solutions


Mr. Leen Osterloh is CFO of Tomra Sorting Solutions, the leading supplier of sensor based sorting equipment for the food, recycling and mining industry with more than 11,000 active machines installed around the globe. He also drives and manages Tomra Sorting Solutions’ digital initiative Tomra Insight targeted at enabling the customers to harvest on the opportunities in sorting applications from innovative digital solutions. Mr. Osterloh is a German national and holds a degree from University of Potsdam (Germany). He started his career at Deutsche Bank AG and soon moved into the capital equipment industry, where he served in different CFO and CEO positions and held several board positions in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and India. Prior to joining Tomra Sorting Solutions, Mr. Osterloh was working in the textile machinery industry, focused on yarn-making and nonwovens applications.

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