Kevin Cluff

Kevin Cluff

Founding director

H2O for Humanity


In 2010, Kevin Cluff and his brother, Eric, founded H2O for Humanity L3C (low-profit limited liability company) and AquaSafi which brings purified water to rural villages in India, Lebanon and Jordan. H2O for Humanity and subsidiary, AquaSafi, developed and manufactures inexpensive treatment systems with several tech advances and has partnered with NGOs and corporations to launch hundreds of village water stores. For about the retail price of one bottle of premiere water in the US, a villager can enjoy purified drinking water for a full year. This affordable price covers the equipment cost, operating expenses, maintenance and provides profit to grow into new areas.  Kevin has more than 30 years of experience working on product development projects in diverse industries including solar energy, commercial aerospace, medical instrumentation, pharmaceutical products and water treatment. He has won numerous industry and corporate awards for his technical contributions. He is a licensed Professional Engineer, holds a PhD from the University of Maryland and a Masters from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering.

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