Joyce Gema

Joyce Gema


Boma Safi


Joyce Gema has over 15 years’ experience in designing and implementing social enterprise development programs in the agricultural and household energy sector. She has vast experience in the agricultural sector promoting appropriate interventions to small producer organizations and their members in order to increase their participation and voice in domestic and global value chains. Joyce has worked in management, as a social auditor and as an evaluator of different private sector and development interventions.

In 2013, Joyce Gema founded Boma Safi, a social enterprise focused on distribution of PSP systems as well as clean cook stoves in Kenya. This enterprise saw Boma Safi partner with KUSCCO in the distribution of clean cook stoves through Jiko Safi loan products. Joyce expanded her portfolio to offer consultancy and support to other energy enterprises in Kenya and Malawi.

Joyce leads a team of seven specialists in agriculture and renewable energy through her consultancy organization Tradecare Africa. 

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