Jiwon Park

Jiwon Park




Jiwon Park, CodePhil, MIT Global Poverty Initiative (based in USA, originally from South Korea). Alumni of MIT, co-founder of CodePhil - a student run nonprofit that aims to democratize access to digital literacy education in rural Philippines to enable decent jobs for youth and community resilience, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty and leaving no one behind in the digital future of 2030 and beyond. CodePhil works to build capacity using a 4-pronged approach: teaching computer science and entrepreneurship to teachers and students based on a curriculum that closes the skills mismatch (HTML/CSS/Javascript/Scratch/LibreCAD), distributing TypePhil, an offline educational typing software that was created to teach the correct way of typing in local dialects, empowering students by connecting them to mentors in the Filipino IT industry and academia through an Innovation Summit, and hacking community-based solutions to local sustainability issues. Our initiatives most saliently address SDG 4, 5, 8, 9, and 17 - demonstrating the cross-cutting and foundational impact of appropraite use of ICTs at local and national level.

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