Jiska Verhulst

Jiska Verhulst

Transition Manager Circular Economy



In July 2016 Jiska Verhulst was appointed by the Flemish Government as Transition Manager Circular Economy and head of the support team of Circular Flanders.

Circular Flanders is the hub, inspirator and matchmaker for circular economy in Flanders. It is a partnership of government agencies, businesses, non profit organisations and knowledge institutions, making commitments to action.

Several partners pool resources within the Circular Flanders support team, while The Flanders Public Waste, Materials & Soil Agency (OVAM) acts as principal host and enabler. The Flemish government appointed the new partnership to push the circular economy forward as a regionwide transition priority.

From 2012 till 2016 she was the managing director of the non profit organisation Plan C, the Flemish transition network for sustainable materials management.

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