Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman

Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman

Senior Director TERI Europe / Director VITO India



Dr Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman, a British Chevening scholar of the 2000 batch, is presently Senior Director (Europe) with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi, responsible for enhancing collaboration with VITO as well as with other organizations in Europe.

With a doctorate from University of Utrecht, he has over 26 years experience in projects and activities related to rural development in general, dissemination of Rural Energy Technologies, Natural Resources Management, and Watershed Development in particular. Dr Rehman has worked with bilateral agencies, corporate set-up and NGOs on issues of poverty alleviation. His key areas of focus include involving and consolidating grassroots institutions, undertaking initiatives pertaining to market development for clean energy technologies in rural areas and implementing replicable models of efficient management of natural resources at the grassroots level.

Dr Rehman has worked in different countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Belgium, etc. He is a co-author of three books and has written several papers/articles in reputed journals and magazines.

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