Geneviève Savigny

Geneviève Savigny

Independent farmer


Born near Paris, Geneviève Savigny studied agriculture and graduated in 1980.

She started farming in 1992, with her companion, a family farmer in the South East of France. He grows wheat, lavender and fodder crops on a hill farm of 60 hectares of arable land and a hundred hectares of woodland . She produces free range poultry, killed and prepared on the farm for direct sale on a local market. Involved in the french peasant union « Confederation paysanne » for over 20 years (and member of the board for some years) she joined the coordination committee (CC) of the European coordination Via Campesina in 2009, the european component of la Via Campesina.
In South of France, weather is becoming increasingly unpredictible, and it's often difficult to sow cereals at the right time of year. Mild periods, followed by very cold temperatures or persistant drought at the growing seasons followed by heavy rainfall in summer, result in severe loss of yield. Animal breeding is also subject to difficult conditions, and still depends too much on upstream industries (for chicks and animal feed) . Search for autonomy has been a driver for getting involved in Agroecology, as an important component of peasants struggles.
She is also involved in dicussions on agriculture an food policies at European level.

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