Chris Coyle

Chris Coyle

Chief Strategy Officer

Exocetus Autonomous Systems (EAS)


Chris Coyle is the Chief Strategy Officer for Exocetus Autonomous Systems (EAS). EAS designs, manufactures & services intelligent deep-sea robots (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or AUV'S) that collect data and analytics pivotal to National Defense, Oil/Gas Exploration, Renewable Energy, Meteorological Changes, Coastal Erosion, Shipping Lanes and laying Fiber Optic Cables. EAS is a finalist in The Ocean Discovery X Prize mapping the ocean floor. He is working with some of the largest technology companies in the world for Cloud and Supercomputing, AI, IoT, Machine Learning, mapping, 3D and AR/VR/HD cameras to solve this Moon Shot Challenge. Chris is responsible for all Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Corporate Sponsorship and funding from Foundations, VC’s and High-Net Worth Individuals. 

Prior to EAS, Chris was the Managing Director of Media Sight, the parent company of DC Media, a software development platform for Digital Signage. There he incorporated new technologies including QR Codes, Facial Recognition, Radio Frequency Identification and Near Field Communication to expand the company globally. Before that, he was the President of Kevo, a Semantic Social Networking Search Engine for famous and prominent people. 

Earlier, Chris was the Vice President of Business Development and Content Acquisition for Muze, a database, metadata and digital sample provider for record labels, music and book publishers, film studios, television networks and video game developers. He was instrumental in evangelizing the companies Open Media Exchange (OMX), a hosted model solution and precursor to cloud computing, which led to it being acquired by Macrovision and eventually by TiVO. 

In addition, Chris was instrumental in helping to take Mobile Streams, a London based Mobile Content Aggregator, and MCY Music World, a German based Online Music Distributor, public. At MCY, he Executive Produced a Paul McCartney webcast that won the MSN and Yahoo’s Webcast of the Year Award in 1999.

Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and MBA in Marketing from Loyola University, USA. 

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