Antonis Mavropoulos

Antonis Mavropoulos




Antonis Mavropoulos is the founder and CEO of D-Waste and President of ISWA.

He has been involved in solid waste management projects for 20 years, in 20 countries and he has completed more than 150 projects.

His recent research work deals with the fourth industrial revolution and the transformation of the waste & resources sector, while during the last ten years he has been involved in innovative projects regarding globalization, megacities, mobile apps and the challenge of Internet of Things.

He has invented the Waste Atlas, ( a global interactive waste management map that is developed in cooperation with GIZ SWEEPNET, ISWA, WTERT, SWAPI and Leeds University.

He has also designed several mobile apps for recycling and waste management purposes. You can find more about his work at his blog

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