Alessandro Medici

Alessandro Medici

CEO, Co-founder & Delegate of the Board of Directors



Alessandro studied at the School of Engineering in Basel, followed by Postgraduate Studies in Business Engineering Management at the University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland and a CAS in Energy Economics at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He worked in different roles with focus on electronics, software and engineering at Sandoz, Obtree, OpenText, and Infocentric Research. With his company Medici Engineering, he has a long-standing history and experience in establishing off-grid projects within East Africa and other countries, for example in Pakistan and Nepal.

Power-Blox is an award-winning Swiss company who develops, produces and distributes intelligent swarm electrification solutions. It has developed a ground-breaking, potentially disruptive technology, which supported by an algorithm, allows the setup of a swarm-grid with a decentralized architecture and no centralized control (i.e. master/slave principle). This enables an automated and decentralized power regulation and storage within the grid. We call it “the internet of energy” as it follows the principals of the Arpanet. The system is self-learning and self-regulating; it regulates power production, consumption and distribution in the grid intelligently and autonomously. Moreover, it allows to easily combine different energy sources and battery systems, without the need for configuration.

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