Urban Electric Mobility

Opening Day 1 & Keynote presentations

Chair person: Oliver Lah

Session 1: Electric mobility as part of a wider transition towards sustainable urban mobility

Chair person: Oliver Lah

This session will present highlights on the role of electric mobility solutions for different modes of transport and will provide an overview on the wider sustainable development context.

Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation
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How to achieve the full potential of vehicle electrification, automation and shared mobility in urban transportation systems around the world by 2050

Lew Fulton

Session 2: E-mobility solutions in action

Short presentations focusing on innovative solutions from Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Session 3: Perspectives from city administrations

Chair person: Oliver Lah

Theme: Implementing of sustainable e-mobility solutions: barriers and opportunities. What solutions are available and how are they implemented to move towards sustainable urban mobility?

Guiding question: What policies are needed to achieve a sustainable, low-carbon pathway for transport, what barriers have to be overcome and how would a integrated policy strategy need to be designed to provide a basis for political coalitions? What are the common challenges of cities and where are the differences and what are the key criteria for transferability?

Opening Day 2

Chair person: Oliver Lah

Session 4: The role of technology in the transition towards sustainable urban mobility

Session 5: Transport and Energy Nexus

Mobility, urban planning, energy are becoming increasingly interlinked and addressing the energy and mobility transition requires an integrated approach towards infrastructures, operations and behaviour change.

Panel debate & open discussion

Chair person: Oliver Lah

Theme: Governance and institutions: barriers and opportunities for sustainable transport policies

Discussion on socio-economic, political and institutional issues that help or hinder in the implementation of low-carbon mobility solutions.

Panel discussion