Session 1: Smart water services

Chair person: Gaetano Casale

Session 2: Intelligent water resource management

Chair person: Dirk Van der Stede

Session 3: Joint session - Private sector developing integrated SDG solutions & Smart water solutions

Chairpersons: Inge Genné (VITO) and Marco van der Ree (CSCP)

The joint session will bring together private sector companies working on ICT solutions for the SDGs. They will present good practices, examples of technologies that work and how they are being implemented. Furthermore, they will present partnerships that exist and visions for accelerated SDG implementation. Specific examples from the water sector will exemplify the integrated solutions.

Panel debate - Reflections and participative session on the key findings

Moderators: Tom Vereijken and Sergiy Moroz , European Water Partnership

Multistakeholder panel discussion

Panel debate with moderator

Expert panel:

- Expert speakers of session 1-3 on Smart water

Multistakeholder panel:

• CLIMATE perspective: Cees Van de Guchte, Deltares
• YOUTH perspective: Antonella Vagliente,  DG Young Water Solutions; Vice President, World Youth Parliament for Water; Global Shaper - Brussels and UN MGCY
• UNESCO: Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros, Director of the Division of Water Sciences
• UNESCO: Abou Amani, Chief of the Section on Hydrological Changes and Water Scarcity