Making ICT work: co-design for sustainable lifestyles

Technology focus

Exploring ICT opportunities for strengthening sustainable lifestyles

This cross-cutting theme aims to explore how ICT solutions can create opportunities for strengthening sustainable lifestyles. Both hardware, software and data innovations will be looked at as a basis for the transition towards more sustainable lifestyles.

To realise that, this cross-cutting theme will take a particular focus on "Making ICT deliver sustainability" within each of the 6 thematic clusters of the conference (agriculture, energy, circular economy, urbanisation, water, sustainable technology & development). Also, it will focus on the interaction between ICT solutions and end-users to help ensure that solutions make sense to their potential users.

Actively considering ICT solutions from a user perspective also brings a strong focus on the non-technological aspects of ICT innovation and the adoption of ICT solutions by users. Living Labs (operating as a full-scale urban laboratory and proving ground for inventing, prototyping and marketing new ICT technology applications) play a crucial role in this regard. They provide the means to test and experience innovations in real-life circumstances and to identify drivers and barriers to behaviour change.

Potential impact on SDGs

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Thanks to its cross-cutting nature, ICT as an enabling technology can potentially impact all SDGs. Because existing ICT infrastructure largely depends on the economic development level, there is a high need for regional differentiation regarding the approach and the solutions that are required. Partnerships must be developed that bring together relevant stakeholders and industries and provide them with the opportunity to co-create solutions that support sustainable development processes (SDG17). Through an intense focus on the user perspective, such solutions facilitate people to develop sustainable lifestyles – contributing to more sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG12).

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