Assessing the impact of technological solutions on climate change

Technology focus

Articulating climate-smart qualities of technologies

This cross-cutting theme aims to articulate the climate-smart qualities of the technologies discussed in each of the 6 thematic areas. Inspired by how the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) defines “climate-smart agriculture”, climate-smart qualities are considered to be qualities that make it possible to transform and reorient technological development under the new realities of climate change. Climate-smart technologies “sustainably increase productivity, enhance resilience (adaptation), reduce/remove greenhouse gases (mitigation) where possible, and enhance achievement of sustainable development goals”.

Potential impact on SDGs

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Thanks to its cross-cutting nature, climate-smart technology can potentially impact all SDGs, and in particular the SDGs that are impacted by the 6 thematic areas in which climate-smart technology qualities are articulated.

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