8 thematic clusters - 4 cross-cutting themes

G-STIC 2017 focuses on 12 distinct themes to impact the transition to less carbon and resource-intensive economic development models

A clear focus

G-STIC 2017 focuses on integrated technological solutions that potentially have a large impact on the achievement of the SDGs and climate change goals. The activities in G-STIC 2017 are organized and structured in 12 thematic areas, including 8 thematic clusters and 4 cross-cutting themes addressing aspects that are of global importance to the thematic clusters.

8 thematic clusters

4 cross-cutting themes

3 topical sessions...

...and 1 CEO panel

5 ways to accelerate development & dissemination of technological solutions

For each of the individual themes that will be part of G-STIC 2017, 5 distinct approaches will help accelerate the development, dissemination and deployment of sustainable technologies:

Each of the 12 themes will be managed by a dedicated team. With a clear intention to foster co-creation practices, all teams will invest in the buildup of international learning networks and dynamic communities of committed practitioners – as part of a process to define and develop an impact strategy.