Plenary sessions

Plenary Opening Session

High-level Plenary Opening Session

The speakers will be introduced by Francesca Vanthielen.

Welcome address from the co-hosts of G-STIC 2017

- Dirk Fransaer, Managing Director, VITO
- Kennedy Orwa, Executive Director, ACTS
- Surendra Shresta, Vice President for Development, AIT
- Ambuj Sagar, Vipula and Mahesh Chaturvedi Professor of Policy Studies, IITD
- Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI

Keynote speech

Hon Elioda Tumwesigya, Minister of science, technology and innovation, Uganda (TBC)

Discussion of the Chairperson Summaries and Key Findings of G-STIC 2017

Interactive Plenary Session moderated by Jan Staman

Interaction with the audience

Discussion about the Chairperson Summaries and Key Findings of G-STIC 2017 with a focus on the cross-cutting themes:

- Climate-smart technology

- Gender mainstreaming

- Youth engagement

Closing keynote: Ad Lansink

UN Day

Suspension of G-STIC to celebrate the UN Day (co-organized by CIFAL-Flanders)

Keynote presentation

What is Belgium doing to achieve the SDGs? And how is technology playing a critical role in this?

Alexander De Croo
Panel discussion
Youth perspective

Short presentations:

- Sippora Zoutewelle, Dutch Bollywood actress & student
- Winner of the G-STIC Challenge: Give your wings to pink bins by Akanksha Ahuja Manav (Rachna University, India)

Presentation of the Chairperson Summaries and Key Findings of G-STIC 2017

An interactive panel discussion on the reporting from the thematic and topical sessions. 

The discussion will be moderated by Jan Staman.

Interactive panel discussion

1. Key findings coming out of the thematic sessions: Robby Berloznik

2. Synthesis of the discussions & take-home message of the cross-cutting themes

- Climate-smart technology: Jukka Uosukainen, CTCN

- Gender mainstreaming: Yannick Glemarec, UN Women

- ICT as enabling technology: Luis Neves, GeSI

- Youth engagement: Donovan Guttieres, UNMGCY

3. Short movie with testimonies of participatory exercise

4. Presentation co-host summary: Veerle Vandeweerd

Visionary Session on Topics for Future Editions of G-STIC

This visionary session will be moderated by Francesca Van Thielen.

Visionary statements

These 4 speakers, known for their talent to “think outside the box”, will present emerging technologies that in their perception will have major impact on the achievement of the SDGs in the mid to long term future:

- Al Hammond

Aisa Kirabo Kacyira, UN Habitat

- Prof. Nakicenovic, IIASA, 10-Member Group

- Malcolm Johnson, ITU

A panel discussion between the presenters will be moderated by Francesca Van Thielen. 

A Q&A session will enable Interaction with the conference participants.

Plenary Closing Session

High-level Plenary Closing Session